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The world stopped spinning

The world stopped spinning. Well not really, but still, sometimes it may feel like it.

Schools and non-essential businesses are closed. Social events and gatherings are cancelled. Everyone is told to stay at home.

My sister still goes to work almost everyday, working overtime, one of the brave people out there. I admire her and her passion of working at a grocery store. Especially during these times.

Everything is changing. What was normal is now not. Adjusting to the new expectations and norms is challenging. And the grieving process has just begun.

I have been home everyday. Here are some things I have started, or will start soon, that you can join in and do as well.

1. On Monday March 30 the #Next90Challenge with Rachel Hollis and Dave Hollis begins. This challenge is free to everyone and is designed for this unusual time. I have read two of the books by Rachel Hollis, blogged about her recently and really would like to eventually read the new book by Dave Hollis. I follow both of them on social media now, and have found them to be incredibly inspiring and motivating. For this challenge, I asked one of my friends to be my accountability buddy, as we have never done a challenge like this before. I am not entirely sure what to expect over the next 90 days, but I am very excited about it.

2. Since all of the gyms are closed, I have found some new ways to work out at home. My local YMCA has been posting at home workout videos made by our instructors. These have been fun, as I know the instructors in the videos. I have also started using an app called FitOn. This app is entirely free and has many workout videos to choose from, and no equipment is needed to complete these workouts. I also started the Blogilates calendar for beginners, which includes lots of free Pilates videos. I have been doing Pilates since the end of this summer at my local YMCA, but doing it at home is something I haven't really done until recently. This beginner's calendar has been incredible so far, I am about halfway through it.

3. For staying creative, I have finally began to knit the blanket I started back in January 2019. I also have been coloring in Johanna Basford books. If you don't own any of her books, she recently uploaded many free coloring pages to a page on her website. I have also continued to use my Passion Planner to organize my homework, and expand my gratitude journal. Since I don't have much of anything to schedule in my planner anymore, I have been writing in the columns for each day all of the good things that were part of that day. For adding more color to my weekly spreads I have been adding washi tape to the bottom where the "errands" section would normally be.

4. For meditation, I have continued to use Headspace. I have been working on the Relationships pack and should finish that in the next few days. For this pack I have also been holding a rose quartz crystal during every session. I have not yet decided which pack or crystal I will work on next.

For now, just taking it one day at a time, and being grateful for everything I have.


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