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Today is February 29th. Some consider it to be an extra day. For me today could just be a Saturday, the day of the week that I do as much homework as possible on. Except it's also a day for reflection, as the first two months of 2020 have come to an end, and my career at a community college only has a few months left.

In 2020 I am hopeful to graduate community college and make the transfer to start working to finish my bachelors degree. I am also hopeful to get a new job for the summer, one that allows me to remain safe and healthy. All of these things will bring a lot of change, and change can be scary. The unknown and the uncertainty is a lot to consider, especially with food allergies.

Recently I have also decided to begin putting together ideas for a self help book about living with food allergies, and other labels, and how we tend to get defined by these things. As if no one ever remembers or knows anything about us, other than our food allergies, and other labels.

Some advice I received when I was in middle school, in an email, from one of my favorite authors Heather Vogel Frederick, which was to continue to read a lot. So before beginning to write a self help book I have been reading a ton of already existing self help books.

And that is how I found Rachel Hollis and learned some of her techniques to living and loving life. She is both inspirational and motivational as she shows her past self, her growth and how she is always changing. I read two of her books (planning to read her others, and her husband's) and bought one of her start today journals. She challenges people to write down ten dreams for ten years in the future, as if they already happened, and work towards them as goals, one at a time. With the flexibility and understanding that these dreams and goals may change, I have included a photo of my first ten, and I will change them as needed. They aren't as specific as they could be, but that is because most of the details of them can be found within my passion planner.

Between my start today journal and my passion planner, every time I start to feel lost and uncertain, I just turn back to those pages and realize that I have some sort of plan. And if it changes, I can adjust it and even make new plans. The fear of uncertainty will always be there, but it doesn't have to take control.


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